A payment platform for OpenStreetMap

  • Interactive Project Management
  • Simple & Easy To Use Interface
  • Automatically Track Stats & Payments
  • Host Interactive Training Materials
  • Tasking Manager & MapRoulette Support
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Feature Overview

Simple Dashboard

Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality.

Tasking Manager Integration

Integrate projects hosted on any OSM tasking manager.

MapRoulette Integration

Integration support for mapping projects hosted on MapRoulette.

Endless Projects

New projects are added to Mikro every week.

Limitless Earning Potential

Earnings are limited only by how much you want to contribute.

Get Paid Anytime

Request and recieve payment on your schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an editor with Mikro?
Joining Mikro is Easy! Simply click the "sign up now" button below, and you will be directed to the Mikro sign-up page. We will need to collect some information from you, such as your OSM username, so Mikro can keep track of the tasks you map, and an email address to where you can receive payments via Payoneer ©. Now you are ready to get started mapping and earning with Mikro!
Are there any learning resources for new Editors?
Yes! A variety of helpful training resources are available both to help you grow and improve as an OSM editor, as well as to provide specific instructions regarding particular projects hosted by Mikro Administrators. Mikro will also soon be integrating an editor leveling system which will rate your progress as an editor and automatically grant you access to more difficult (and more lucrative) projects to map.
How much can I earn?
That is up to you! Editors on Mikro are compensated for each task that they map, which passes validation checks, so the amount one can earn is limited only by the amount of mapping they wish to contribute. Tasks in more difficult or involved projects pay more than others, and new projects of all difficulty levels are being added all the time.
What kind of projects are available?
The majority of projects hosted on Mikro are focused on entering data concerning new or missing roadways in areas of the world that are not commonly covered by hobby mappers on OSM. Occasionally, new projects will be posted which focus on mapping building footprints, drawing in land-use polygons, or double checking & validating questionable entries in OSM.
What if I am new to mapping on OSM?
That is no problem! Mikro hosts a variety of projects of all skill levels, so no matter your level of experience, we have a project to match your skill set. Also, a wide array of learning materials are available on Mikro to help improve your skills as a mapper on OSM, as well as to provide specific instructions and proceedures for more involved mapping projects.
How will I get paid for my contributions?
Mikro uses the Payoneer © payment platform to distribute earnings, and our associate editors may request payment at any time! Earnings are tallied for each mapped & validated task. Once the payment request has been processed, the editor can usually expect to receive payment in their Payoneer © account within 24 hours.

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